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electrical/electrical1.jpgelectrical/electrical1.jpgShelby Mechanical's Electrical Division



SHELBY MECHANICAL is a national leader in the industrial construction sector and is dedicated to providing the industry's most skilled craftsmanship, impecable performance, and competitive pricing to our clients across the Northest Region.

Shelby's Electrical Division has emerged as a pacesetter and a Leader in the Industrial Electrical Construction and Maintenance field since industry realized that a multi-source turnkey group has proved to be the cost effective approach to maintenance programs that ultimately reduce cost and demands, while maintaining stringent quality measures.

Shelby's Electrical Division has worked to become a leader in providing cost-effective contract maintenance to our Industrial clients.   Our continuous with mulitiple Fortune 500 firms are an indication of our value in the industrial sector.  Our experience with contract maintenance has given us the expertise to help reduce your annual cost without sacrificing safety or quality.

In our market sectors, where competition is driven primarily by cost, facility and plant maintenance is a required servce.  Contract maintenance is the most cost-effective and reliable approach to ensuring a plant's operation.  Our highly experienced workforce, consisting of extensively trained and experienced journeymen, assures excellence, control and accountability.  Whether your needs revolve around full time or periodic contract maintenance, Shelby can be your single source provider for contract plant maintenance requirements.


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